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Item # ET525, ET Mini Trolleys for ED Electric Chain Hoist with Hook Suspension

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Specifications  · Dimensions  · Note


Maximum Capacity

525 lb

Adjustable Beam Width B

1.97 to 3.94 in

Minimum Radius Curve

23.6 in

Net Weight

4.0 lb

Approximate Shipping Weight

5.0 lb




Headroom C

35.3 in. for ED125DA
35.3 in. for ED220DA

35.3 in. for ED250DA

10.5 in. for ED125S and ED125DS

10.5 in. for ED220S and ED220DS

10.5 in. for ED250S and ED250DS

10.5 in. for ED400S and ED400DS

11.1 in. for ED350S and ED350DS

11.1 in. for ED525S and ED525DS

35.5 in. for ED400DA

35.9 in. for ED350DA

35.9 in. for ED525DA

Dimensions for pendant and cord controls are identical.