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Item # 82RC-7 1/2-36, Model 82RC - Close Stacking C-Hooks

Product Features:
  • Recessed counterweight allows for close stacking of coils which maximizes floor space.
  • Handles a wide range of coil widths.
  • Designed for heavy duty application.
  • High tensile alloy steel plate reduces physical size and weight.
  • Counter balanced to hang level when empty.
  • Inside radius on hooks avoid coil edge contact.
  • Curved coil saddle is standard.
  • Guide handle for ease of hook positioning.
  • Available with optional padding for additional coil protection.
  • Complies with ASME standards.
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Specifications  · Warning  · Note



7 1/2 tons

Max. Coil Width

36 Inch

Min. Coil Width

24 Inch


24 Inch

L Length (Lifting Arm)

30 Inch

D Depth (Lifting Arm)

5 5/8 Inch

W Width (Lifting Arm)

4 Inch

HR Headroom

37 1/2 Inch

A Opening Bail Dimension

1 1/2 Inch

B Opening Bail Dimension

4 Inch

C Opening Bail Dimension

7 Inch

T Thickness

1 1/2 Inch


750 lb

Center of the hoist and bail must be in-line with the load's center of gravity.

Other sizes available.


·  Hook-Specification - Below the Hook Devices