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Budgit Hoists

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Budgit Hook Mount

Hook & Lug Mounted Hoists

  • Single speed standard. Optional 2-speed or variable frequency control available for precision load spotting.
  • Heavy duty AC spring set motor brake with easy 1 -step adjustment procedure.
  • Gearing totally enclosed in oil-bath lubrication for long life.
  • High-torque H4 rated heavy duty motor with Class 'F' insulation with thermal actuated switches embedded in the motor winding for protection from overheating.
  • Weatherproof NEMA-4X enclosed push-button control station specially contoured for operator comfort allowing easy one- handed sure grip control.
  • Paddle type upper & lower control limit switch.
  • Powder coat finish provides long lasting durable finish and added resistance to ...
Lug Hoists with Motor Driven Trolley

Lug Hoists with Motor Driven Trolley

One & Two Speed Hoists
  • Single speed standard. Optional 2-speed or variable frequency control available for precision load spotting for both hoist and trolley motions.
  • Heavy duty AC spring set hoist motor brake with easy 1-step adjustment procedure.
  • Trolley worm gear design provides smooth stopping performance.
  • Hoist gearing totally enclosed in oil-bath lubrication for long life.
  • Weatherproof NEMA-4X enclosed push-button control.
  • Paddle Type upper & lower hoist travel limit switch.
  • Manguard hoist overload protection prevents lifting excessive loads.
  • All hoists and trolleys are built in compliance to ASME/ANSI B30.16 & CSA standards, NEC electrical codes and are ISO 9001 certified.
VFD Hoist

VFD Hoists

  • Variable speed control with single speed motor
  • Minimizes high-starting current on motor which helps keep it cool extending life of motor and also permits increase in motor run-time and starts/stops over standard contactor control.
  • Electronic reversing, multispeed operation (up to 3 steps) eliminates conventional magnetic contactors which are wearable components
  • Voltages available are 380-460/3/60, 208-230/3/60 and 208-230/1/60
  • 10:1 speed ratio permits precise positioning for load spotting
  • H4 duty rating
  • 2-step infinitely variable push-button control standard. 3-step also available
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Fault recorder helps troubleshoot various problems such as power related issues.
  • 3 programmable ...


  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Standard protector overload device
  • 10-pocket,oblique lay lift-wheel for smooth chain operation, constant chain speed and reduced chain wear
  • NEMA 4, industrial-rated control station
  • Gear train lifetime lubricated with non-oxidizing grease
  • Alloy load chain for smooth operation and maximum chain life
  • Thermally-protected hoist duty motor
  • Dual brake system - D.C. plus regenerative
  • Rugged cast aluminum alloy hoist frame
  • Small, compact design for commercial applications
  • Totally enclosed, non-ventilated hoist frame protects the motor from environmental contamination
  • Optional impact-resistant chain container is available
  • Rigid latch style upper hook prevents tangling of ...
Series 6000 Hook & Lug Suspension Hoists

Series 6000 Hook & Lug Suspension Hoists

  • Die-cast aluminum frame - lightweight, rugged, holds shafts and bearings in close alignment
  • Gearing - combination of precision cut, heat treated helical and spur gears for quiet, efficient operation
  • Mechanical load brake - positive action, spring biased Weston type load brake holds the load and provides exact load spotting and control
  • Overload protection - MANGAURD overload device protects against excessive overloads... clutch also acts at upper and lower limits
  • Multi-vane rotary air motor - eight vanes provide high torque smooth operation, positive starting and excellent control
  • Internal Muffler - reduces sound level
  • Pendant control - pendant throttle handle is of the full flow design for excellent load spotting ...
Series 2200 Hook & Lug Suspension Hoists

Series 2200 Hook & Lug Suspension Hoists

  • Pull cord control provides a lightweight, economical hoist for accurate control of loads
  • Pendant throttle control hoists offer ergonomic one-handed controls, for ease of operation
  • Inlet air swivel with built-in strainer provides free hoist movement
  • Aluminum frame and end cover contributes to the lightweight, easily portable, and rugged design
  • Heavy duty shoe type brake is a proven design for stopping and holding loads in heavy duty applications
  • External adjustment screws for decreased lift and lower speeds
  • External brake adjustment
  • Limit stops prevent over-travel in upper and lowering directions
  • Equa-torque gearing of alloy steel, heat treated spur gears is accurately machined to provide a close meshed, ...
Series 600 Hoists

Series 600 Hoists

  • 10-pocket oblique-lay lift-wheel provides longer chain life
  • Epoxy powder coat finish is smooth and tough
  • Double reduction gearing
  • Variable flow, two-lever pendant for precise load spotting
  • Threaded external exhaust for piping away exhaust in clean room or painting operations
  • Rugged cast aluminum alloy hoist frame. Small, compact design for commercial and industrial applications
  • Industrial-duty air motor for tough requirements
  • Gear train is lifetime-lubricated with non-oxidizing grease
  • Hardened, forged steel, latch-style lower hook rotates 360º. Upper hook provided with a positive load engagement.
  • Chain bucket optional
Motor Driven Trolleys

Motor Driven Trolleys

  • Steel frame side plates extend beyond the wheels for end stop contacts. Side plates have tapped holes for collector bracket attachment. Optional safety drop stops and bumpers.
  • Wheels are forged heat-treated steel with contour tread for use on American Standard I-beam or wide flange beams.
  • Traverse motor is 30-minute rated, totally enclosed non-ventilated with class "F" insulation and TAS as standard.
  • Traverse gearing is housed in a heavy duty right angle drive reducer with output pinion meshing with machine cut wheel gears.
  • Trolley controls are housed in a NEMA 1 enclosed panel mounted on the trolley side for easy access. The controls include a reversing contractor, terminal strip and NEMA 4X pendant station with hoist ...